Monday, 3 March 2014

David Mcalorum and His '465 Dollars in 4 Hours? No Way!' WSO on Warrior Forum

This is my review of David Mcalorum's WSO on Warrior Forum. I bought his WSO last year, and was given a PDF to read through. It all actually revolves around one single forum - Digitalpoint. We were supposed to create free Internet marketing e-books, or buy them off some websites he recommended, and put it into our signature on Digitalpoint forums. He was not honest on one account - there are some extra expenses, albeit not huge ones, such as purchase of e-books, and the need to buy 'likes' in order for you to have a signature on Digitalpoint forum, and he recommends that we buy 'likes' (I have talked to him via PM about this). But in his thread, he says there are no extra costs, which is not true. Also, I feel that the forum was saturated with all those who bought his WSO - I could tell at once, because all the signatures look similar.

So I bought some e-books as recommended, purchased 'likes', and tried posting as many times as possible in the forum with my signature below. I did that for almost a month - but made nothing. There were no sales at all. I did that for another month, still nothing. Finally, someone dug up that the fact that a bunch of us (which I presume, are all those that purchased his WSO because all the signatures look the same) were buying 'likes', and the moderator removed all our 'likes'! Hence, I, or rather all of us, were left with no signature links. Of course, we could duplicate this strategy in other forums but logically thinking, I do not think it will work. It is too labour-intensive.

I wanted to warn my fellow warriors on Warrior Forum and so posted about my experience in the thread so that potential buyers would be able to make their own judgement. Immediately, Mcalorum PM-ed me, asking me to remove my post and he will refund me. I suddenly came to the realisation that the reason his thread has no negative comments is because he has been doing this all along - offering refunds to buyers who were not satisfied with his WSO! So be very careful if you see no negative comments in a WSO that you are looking to buy, because that warrior could also be using the same crafty tactic as David Mcalorum.

I realised Digitalpoint has stopped accepting new registrations, so I'm not sure what he is doing to go around this, although he would probably just pick another forum to target. So, internet marketing newbies, do beware of this warrior as well.

You can contact me for more information.


  1. Thanks for this, nearly bought but I thought there was something fishy about that WSO.

  2. Hey, I'm glad I stumbled across this. I was going to purchase for the posting

  3. Thanks for popping over, guys. Glad I managed to help and appreciate your support of my initiative!

  4. I love to see honest reviews like this. Some of these WF OPS are certainly crafty at separating us from our dollars!!!

  5. Yeah, good review. Thank you for this.

  6. Haven't people caught on yet? WarriorForum is one big scam.