Monday, 24 March 2014

Keyword Research Tips - The Best of the Best

Knowing how to do proper keyword research is very important in ranking sites, and I've done that with a number of my own sites. Following are what I've gathered from a couple of leading experts all over the internet (I'm sorry if I forgot to give due credit - there are simply too many sources I've extracted my information from).

1) Keyword Research

• Answer this question: What do people really call your website, product or service?
• Then develop some keywords and/or keywords phrases and list them in an excel sheet by relevancy, competition, search volume etc.
• Our aim – to choose 10 keywords per SEO campaign (perhaps one brand name + 4 additional keywords).
• Best keywords are 2- to 4- word phrases.
• Consider word variants and word order e.g. plural vs singular word forms, “werbsite” vs “web site”, and “cotton white t-shirts” vs “white t-shirts cotton”.
• Do not use single-word terms.
• Avoid terms that are too broad and not focused on what you offer.
• Avoid terms that are too specialized which nobody searches for.
• Avoid terms which are highly competitive which you can’t rank for.
• Find keywords from various sources such as Google Analytics (Traffic Sources  SEO  Queries), Google Suggest (Google search bar), Ubersuggest (keyword + an alphabet e.g. t-shirt + b).
• Use exact match terms in your analysis tool (the new Google keyword planner’s search default is using exact match anyway).
• Always try to find and rank for a buyer keyword (when people are ready to buy) rather than a research keyword – which people type in when they are still researching for something.
• Can try to find two lines of terms – 1) keywords which are general (e.g. t-shirts) 2) keywords with a focus on your product/service which targets the real buyers (t-shirts suppliers). Combine the two for a long tail keyword might give you a better chance at ranking in lesser time.

2) Search Volume and Competition

• Our target: Targeted keyword phrase with high search volume and low competition.
• Experts advise to choose keywords with search volume of about 3,000 to 10,000 per month.
• Anything that is less than 3,000 may not be worth pursuing (for very niche keywords, we can go for 1,000 exact searches).
• Localize the search to US, as if there are high searches there, and low competition, it could well be a good keyword.
• The only way to check out the competition for a phrase is to search for it (search results are personalized and may not be the same for everyone). Remember to log out of Google to do this.
• Do not bother too much about numbers but do deep research. For e.g., if there are no authority sites (e.g. wiki or eHow), can go with even 200,000 searches.
• Note: The “Competition” column lists competition within AdWords and not organic search results.
• Estimate your odds of ranking based on Domain Authority and the keyword search volume (Source: Orbitmedia).

• Take a look at the SERP (search engine results page) for the keyword phrase. It is likely to be competitive if:
- There are 10 pay-per-click ads on the page (3 on top and 7 on the right).
- There are millions of results and many pages on that particular phrase.
- Top ranking sites are popular, authority sites (e.g. wiki, eHow, ebay, Amazon)
- Top ranking sites have the target phrase at the beginning of their page titles or their links.

3) Putting Them All in the Website – How Do We Do That?

Now that we’ve found our keywords, they should appear in several places on our website, in order of priority:
1. Page Title / Title Tag
2. Meta Description
3. H1 Tags
4. Header
5. Sub Header
6. Body Paragraphs (about 4 to 6 times preferably)
7. Image Alt Tags
8. Hypertext Links (links to this page from other pages of your website)

Usually, target different keywords on different pages - the main key phrases will be optimized into the home page, while the other inner pages will be optimized for more specific phrases. Also try to sprinkle some LSI keywords around your content. These are synonyms that Google uses to determine a page’s relevancy (and possibly quality).

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Free Links for You

I'll like to offer you free links on the right side of my blog here, so if you are a new affiliate blog, or you just have a new website which needs free traffic, do feel free to email me and I'll include your link in this blog.

Romans 5:1

"Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." - Romans 5:1

"The greatest blessing anyone can have is peace with God through Jesus Christ. Jesus took upon Himself all our sins at the cross. He absorbed all of God’s fiery indignation and judgment against all our sins, past, present and future, so that we can be totally forgiven and have peace with God.

So today, there is nothing between you and God. There is no more sin, no more shame and no more condemnation! Jesus’ sacrifice has given you everlasting peace with God. God is not angry with you. He never will be. He is on your side and for you all the way.

Now, what will you do today knowing that God is for you and that His assuring presence will never leave you? What will you do today knowing that all His favor, wisdom, heavenly provision and blessings are backing you up?"

I got the above text from Pastor Joseph Prince's sermon excerpt. The last sentence "What will you do today knowing that all His favour, wisdom, heavenly provision and blessings are backing you up?" I would move on without fear and trepidation, and just do what I think God has blessed me to do with my life. What about you?

Monday, 3 March 2014

David Mcalorum and His '465 Dollars in 4 Hours? No Way!' WSO on Warrior Forum

This is my review of David Mcalorum's WSO on Warrior Forum. I bought his WSO last year, and was given a PDF to read through. It all actually revolves around one single forum - Digitalpoint. We were supposed to create free Internet marketing e-books, or buy them off some websites he recommended, and put it into our signature on Digitalpoint forums. He was not honest on one account - there are some extra expenses, albeit not huge ones, such as purchase of e-books, and the need to buy 'likes' in order for you to have a signature on Digitalpoint forum, and he recommends that we buy 'likes' (I have talked to him via PM about this). But in his thread, he says there are no extra costs, which is not true. Also, I feel that the forum was saturated with all those who bought his WSO - I could tell at once, because all the signatures look similar.

So I bought some e-books as recommended, purchased 'likes', and tried posting as many times as possible in the forum with my signature below. I did that for almost a month - but made nothing. There were no sales at all. I did that for another month, still nothing. Finally, someone dug up that the fact that a bunch of us (which I presume, are all those that purchased his WSO because all the signatures look the same) were buying 'likes', and the moderator removed all our 'likes'! Hence, I, or rather all of us, were left with no signature links. Of course, we could duplicate this strategy in other forums but logically thinking, I do not think it will work. It is too labour-intensive.

I wanted to warn my fellow warriors on Warrior Forum and so posted about my experience in the thread so that potential buyers would be able to make their own judgement. Immediately, Mcalorum PM-ed me, asking me to remove my post and he will refund me. I suddenly came to the realisation that the reason his thread has no negative comments is because he has been doing this all along - offering refunds to buyers who were not satisfied with his WSO! So be very careful if you see no negative comments in a WSO that you are looking to buy, because that warrior could also be using the same crafty tactic as David Mcalorum.

I realised Digitalpoint has stopped accepting new registrations, so I'm not sure what he is doing to go around this, although he would probably just pick another forum to target. So, internet marketing newbies, do beware of this warrior as well.

You can contact me for more information.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tom Mitchell (aka wolfmmiii), his WSO Scams and the Warrior Forum

This is my review of Tom Mitchell's (aka wolfmmiii) WSO on the infamous Warrior Forum. I would like to bring to your attention this WSO which is a total scam.

His real name is Tom Mitchell, but he goes by the online moniker of wolfmmiii. He claimed to have made a lots of money using his low competition Amazon products methods to make affiliate income from Amazon (yes, he made a full time income from this and yet he is still holding onto a full time job!), one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. I thought I would test this WSO rather than make my own this time, so I bought his WSO last month, and received a premium Wordpress theme, incorporated with his Perfect Post plugin (which I feel, actually complicated things rather than helped), and 20 low-competition Amazon products for me to rank on Google. I actually waited for more than 3 weeks for him to send me the 20 products, but that was not an issue to me. We were then supposed to write one product review a day, and after 20 days, they will rank on Google.

And so I wrote my reviews, one a day, until day 20 when I had all 20 reviews up on my website. I waited for another 2 weeks - nothing. The 20 products were not ranking at all. I got impatient, because according to him, it is supposed to be ranking 1 - 4 weeks after. So I wrote for advice on the sales thread, no reply. Frustrated, I researched on my own and just lifted one product off Amazon's best seller list and did another review. Surprisingly, it ranked on Google page 1 after 1 day! So I wrote on his sales thread again, and this time he replied that he is not responsible for how Google performed - he is only responsible in giving us 20 low-competition products! He PM-ed me, and offered to buyback my website because being graphic-design trained, my logo and aesthetic sense definitely made my website a very professional one, perhaps much more professional than all that he has currently done (sidetrack - the logo he did for me was atrocious).

How smart, I just realised that all his past purchasers would have been conned if they agreed to their buyback, because if we did that, although we would get my money back, we would each have completed 20 great reviews for him, and presented him with a completed website with great content, and all he has to do is tweak it in order to roll in affiliate income, and which he refused to advise us, saying we did not pay for advice, we only paid for the 20 products! In this case, he is basically just a web designer who put the website together for you, and just lift 20 products off Amazon and sell the whole package to you for a premium! How absurd.

Last weekend, I posted on the sales thread wanting to warn my fellow warriors (very mild feedback, something like ' Please PM me for honest feedback'), but he got scared, and immediately wrote to me saying he has reported me to Paul Myers the moderator of Warrior Forum, which apparently is his 'good friend', and will ban me. I told him that I am not worried, because I will expose him. Warrior Forum banned me without listening to my side of the story because they want to continue to get revenue from these so called sales warriors, as I have just found out. Paul Myers and the owners are all scammers as well. Take a look at how all of these scammers look like here.

Mitchell has always boasted of his year-old WSO, saying how long it has lasted but I have reasoned that he has managed to hold on to his WSO for a year because either he offered to buy back the websites of those whose products did not rank every time and ever so frequently, or some websites actually did make some money (laughable amounts, actually maybe $5 for example) and the customers have no claim to ask for a refund.

At this time, he is actually in the midst of ending his current WSO on Amazon, and has created another more expensive package called Community Cash, so beware. From the way I look at the package, it is not worth your time or money. Don't ever purchase anything under his moniker because apart from the fact that it could be another scam, his support is terrible! He is a one-man show, and is extremely rude. You can get the same package somewhere else with better support and much, much cheaper. Email me on how to do this - I will help you for free, no strings attached.

Finally, please read more about Ryan Healy's 7 Traits Scam Artists Have in Common or Kevin Muldoon on why he deleted his Warrior Forum account, to get yourself better prepared if you want to go into internet marketing. Thanks, Ryan and Kevin, for bringing such scammers to our attention. I will uncover more as I go by too. If you want to find out more, just google 'Warrior Forum scams' and you will get a long list.

Updated 14 April 2014: Oh no, he has set up another scam to get more money, a $9 monthly membership. Let me teach you how to get those at a much lower, one-time cost, rather than have him suck your money monthly for nothing:

  • Constantly Updated Low Competition Product Library --> Email me on how to get this for a one-time cost, which I am doing now.
  • Tip and Tricks for Mastering the Low Competition Strategy -- Are you kidding me? Just do a Google search online for free information!
  • Exclusive IM Advice & Strategies - Google it! It's probably the best pool of information out there, better than any Internet Marketer can teach you.
  • And I'm telling you, you wont' get him on Skype because he's incredibly busy!

    P.S. Since I have uncovered how Mitchell's WSO works, you can email me and I will help you for free, including his new WSO - I can teach you how to do it at 20% of the cost (which you can outsource to freelancers).